Well Control Services
  • Risk assessments for well control events
  • Blowout Contingency Planning – Relief Well, Capping Plans, Snubbing Operations, High Risk Well Operations 
  • Dynamic Multi-phase Calculations using Dyn-X®, OLGA ® and/or Drillbench®
  • Relief Well Planning and Supervision 
  • Pump to Kill Plans 
  • Well Capping Operations through business alliances 
  • Project Management for Out-of-Control Well Control Events 
  • Freezing (multiple strings, pressures up to 8700 psi)
Engineering and Operational Audits
  • Pre-planning, Surveys and Audits of Drilling Plans
  • Planning and Engineering of Drilling Operations
  • Drilling Workover and Completion Operations
  • Risk assessments for insurance purposes
  • Litigation support
Drilling Optimization Planning and Implementation
  • HTHP (High Temperature, High Pressure) Exploration
  • Development wells (infield drilling, gas and oil prospects)
  • Toxic gas (H2S, CO2, etc.) handling
Blowout Contingency Planning
  • Site Specific
  • Organizational 
  • Relief Wells 
  • Capping Operations  
Well Flow Modeling
  • Provide Accurate Modeling through the use of: Drillbench® and OLGA ®
  • Steady State and Dynamic Modeling of Drilling Hydraulics
  • Risk Evaluation through Dynamic Well Control Modelling. Proper risk evaluation performed with a dynamic multiphase well control model is increasingly needed as well conditions become more extreme. 
  • Expert Application of the Program to achieve successful drilling of challenging wells by having an in-depth understanding of the hydraulics during all phases of the operation.
Well Site Supervision
  • HTHP Exploration and Development Projects
  • Onshore and offshore type operations
Well Site Supervision of Drilling, Testing and Completion Operations
Underbalanced Drilling , Extreme UBD