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Abel Engineering LLP

Abel Engineering is dedicated to providing a professional high-quality service for the solution of well control incidents and problems. We endeavor to implement the most efficient and cost effective solution possible Our standard of conduct is at all times ethical with our clients and associates. Our engineering and project management services utilize:

  • Experience based solutions (25 years plus in the business) 

  • Engineering and Project Management Principles and Practices

  • Best Technology and Fit-for-Purpose Approaches

ABEL Engineering LLP was founded by L. William “Bill” Abel, P.E. in 1984 as an Oklahoma Corporation to provide Consulting, Engineering and Well Control Services world-wide. In 1989 ABEL Engineering moved to Texas and was re-incorporated there as a Texas-based consulting concern and added Project Management and Subsea Capping Team featuring the ABEL LMRP Capping System. We are a small group of engineers with experience in most types of drilling operations (onshore and offshore) in locations around the world. We specialize in the unique and difficult type well control issues and problems concerning pressure control.

L. William Abel Qualifications:

BS Civil Engineering, MBA degrees and Registered Professional Engineer-Texas with 35 years of experience in Well Control Operations. Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers and IADC, Society of Professional Engineers

Special Well Control and Engineering Projects

  • Kuwait Oil Well Fires (Controlled 41 wells with one team in 71 operational days)

  • Created well control management systems for difficult well and HTHP operations

  • Written over 350 Blowout Contingency Plans for Worldwide Operations.

  • Taught Drilling Practices for Preston L. Moore, Inc. (Oklahoma, Texas, London, Mid-East and Indonesia)

  • Taught Advanced Well Control seminars for Pemex, TOTAL, Mobil Oil, UNOCAL, EXPRO, NAM, etc.

  • Taught a special snubbing and Coil Tubing school for Mobil Oil Co. including creating a Snubbing and CT Manual

  • Managed 5-Rig Drilling Company for 2 years

  • Holds 4 US Patents (TOMCAT TOOL and has applied for 2 patents for subsea capping)

  • Designed and constructed built-for-purpose UBD drilling rig.

  • Well control projects in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Republic of China, Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Venezuela, Argentina, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Nigeria and Germany. Mr. Abel has been involved in complex well control operations worldwide

  • Designed 25+ Underbalanced Drilling and Completion Operations (11,000 psi BHP w/ H2S and CO2)

  • Developed snubbing plans and supervised the same for underground blowouts

Rig Site Supervision

  • Deep high-pressure gas wells, Well Control, Relief Well Drilling, Deep wells in Oklahoma, Texas & Louisiana.

  • In Tunisia and Indonesia supervised a deep rank HTHP wildcat wells.

  • Worked as Drilling Superintendent for Aramco in Saudi Arabia on H2S Deep Kuff Exploration Programs.


  • Author of Twenty-Nine Technical Publications in Trade Journals written primarily on Specialized Well Control Operations and Project Management for Well Control Operations.

  • Author of Firefighting and Blowout Control (540 pages, 1994)

Technical Training

  • Advanced Well Control and HAZOP

  • Advanced Computer Skills – Word processing, Data Bases, Spread Sheets, Project Management

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Client List

Type work performed
Paris, Congo, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Argentina, China, Angola, Russia, Bolivia, Abu Dhabi, N. Sea, Africa
Well intervention of blowouts, relief wells, contingency planning, snubbing operations, drilling optimization, firefighting plans for platforms
Schlumberger IPM*
Mexico, USA
Well intervention for underground blowout, training and contingency planning
Anadarko Petroleum Co.
Alaska, USA, Tunisia
Blowout Contingency Planning for artic and desert operations
HBS International
Egypt, Tunisia
Audits, Drilling Plans, Optimization
Shell Exploration USA
New Orleans, USA
Blowout Contingency Planning for deepwater high risk
Shell International
Norway, Germany, Venezuela,
Holland, Thailand
Blowout Contingency Planning jackup, land, floating operations
Mobil Oil Co.
(now ExxonMobil)
USA, Nigeria, Indonesia
Blowout Contingency Planning, Snubbing Training
British Gas
Tunisia, Thailand, Egypt
Shallow gas blowout(s)Tunisia, Thailand, Egypt
Managed Relief Well and Snubbing Support for Solution to Blowout
Prepared Blowout Contingency Plans
Petro Thailand
Shallow Gas Intervention – Technical Advisor for Intervention of Shallow Gas Leak under WP11 Platform
Abu Dhabi
Wrote BOP Standards for ADNOC On Shore Drilling Operations
Al Furat Pet. Co.
Performed Audit Survey – Site Visit was Implemented to view Actual Operations Interview Key Personnel and review all Pertinent Documents for preparation of Audit Survey Report
Performed Audit Survey – Site Visit was Implemented to view Actual Operations Interview Key Personnel and review all Pertinent Documents for preparation of Audit Survey Report
Sumatra, Indonesia Hi-Risk HTHP Wildcat Well 14000 feet, 410 deg. F BHT
HTHP Design and Implementation
Lloyd’s Underwriters
Risk Assessment and Blowout Contingency Planning
UIB and Lloyds Companies
Algeria, Indonesia, N. Sea, Canada, Dubai, Syria, Vietnam
Risk assessment and operator audits
USA based oil
companies x 40
Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma
Drilling programs, snubbing operations
Various legal firms
Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, London, Norway
Expert witness testimony
Lapindo Brantas
East Java, Indonesia
Relief Well Snubbing Re-entry
Schlumberger IPM
Burgos Basin, Northern Mexico
Relief Well Snubbing Re-entry
Additional Clients
Type work performed
Kuwait Oil

Kuwait 1991 (41 wells in 71 days)
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Firefight and well capping services
*Note:   ABEL has a contract to provide well control services for IPM operated well in
North and South America 6 projects so far with BCP, 5 underground blowouts and
UBD project in Burgos Basin plus one relief well.

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